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Meet Callie

The Calico -domestic short hair
Melanie Hough Pittsboro, IN

Callie was a very special cat.  Callie recently passed away.  I found her when she was in an abandoned country farm house.  She was very malnourished.  I brought her home where she eventually gained weight.  Callie and I had our own special language and we knew exactly what the other one was saying.  Callie used to go outside with me and she would stay in her own yard, even while chasing other animals out of the yard...she stopped short of crossing the "line

7 but now deceased
CallieCat, Baby Girl, Baby Kitty, Big Girl
Food, fresh salmon, fresh catnip, being outside
Going to the vet
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Laying on her catio or in front of the window

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