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Meet Seymour

The Domestic shorthair
Cathi Cantrell Baltimore, MD

This old man adopted US, hanging around out back for months while we fed him our indoor female kitty, Sophie's leftovers.  As the weather got colder, we invited him inside, took him to the Vet and became his forever family.  He's a Mama's Boy and purrs the loudest when cuddling with me, his Mama, at nighttime!  His unconditional love is the greatest gift ever!  And, yes, he IS spoiled now, after having such a traumatic childhood on-the-streets! 

Mama's Baby, Semourski, Baby Boy
sleeping in the rays of the sun ...and catnip
other street cats coming into his back yard
Favorite Foods
Beef, tuna, chicken, venison
Favorite Pastimes
wrestling with his little sister, Cotton and guarding the back yard after sundown

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