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Meet Fatty and Shady Andrews

The Short hair tabbies
Jenny and Chuck Andrews Sauk Rapids, MN

My boys are the best thing that ever happened to me!  They are litter mates, and I couldn't split them up so I kept them both!  They are like people and I swear they understand english!! They answer to their names and understand the words quit and get down ;) and of course, come see mom.    Shady's name should be Naughty, because he is into everything!  Fatty, he's my big 23 pounder who found my breast cancer tumor and then suffered from hepatic lipodosis

80 and Baby Kitty
Shady likes drinking from the bathtub spout, Fatty likes getting brushed
Shady likes everything, Fatty doesn't like change- at all
Favorite Foods
They both will sniff anything on a fork, but only eat what's in their bowls
Favorite Pastimes
Fatty sleeps, Shady likes playing with his Bengal sister

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