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Meet Kylie

The Calico
Looking for a loving Owner Northbrook

We asked Kylie to help with her description:

Hello out there - my name is Kylie. I'm a green-eyed calico with fur as smooth as silk. The tabby striping that accents the orange and gray patches in my fur gives me a very attractive and unique appearance. All my toes are white except for one. I'm about 6 years old. Be prepared to receive a gracious welcome when you visit the shelter because I'm the official cat room greeter! I'll be right by the entrance, just hanging out

6 years old
Some like to call me 'Pretty girl'
Belly-rubs, Head scratches, Ear scratches, being brushed, Cuddly places to sleep
Not having a family to call my own
Favorite Foods
Canned cat food of any kind
Favorite Pastimes
Curling up in a comfy place, spending time with my volunteer friends

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