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Meet Spartacus

The Bengal
Bonita Elgin
Spartacus is a 7 yr. old Bengal and is a load of laughs, he gags like a human over human food, including whipped cream. (I thought all cats liked whipped cream and people food lol) He is also a very loud chatter box! He just walks all over the house meowing!! Wish I knew what he is saying!! lol He fetches like a dog, and is a timer for when it's an hour before his nightly canned food dinner time, (you'd think he'd remember after 7 years that dinner is at 5:00 pm every night)!! lol Oh h
Sparty, smarty and Smartacus
Cat nip, lovens, scratching posts, drinking straws, (he steals out of your cup) and toys toys toys!!
People food, other animals and a dirty cat box!
Favorite Foods
Friskies canned food and kitty treats.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing, sleeping, getting scratched and bugging me! lol

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