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Meet Simon

The Maincoon
Sarah Razo Barstow

Hi my name is Simon aka bubba and fluffy. I have been with my humans for 14 years. In my kitten years I was one active ninja kitty, catching birds and bringing them to my humans as a thank you for all the love and FOOD. Now in my senior years, I love to eat and plan my day around it, sleeping and just bird watching. I often have to remind the humans of the feeding schedule, this is best accomplished by tipping over the water dish. I love our smove time (smot

boo ba, fluffy, bubba and Simon O
eating, sleeping, watching birds from the window, playing with Mr. Carrot and snuggling with my momma.
Karaoke, loud noises and the vaccum
Favorite Foods
Tuna, all natural chicken and water.
Favorite Pastimes
bird watching and sun bathing.

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