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Meet Tommy

The Medium Hair, not sure of his breed
Kristen Mott and Tyler Thompson Kamloops

It was love at first sight with Tom Tom.  On August 18th, 2011, we adopted him from the Humaine Society in Kamloops, BC.  When we first arrived at the adoption center, he was in a large room with four other kittens but Tommy immediately stood out.  He was the first kitten to come up to us and he began purring so loud and giving us kissies right away!  We knew at that moment he had to come home with us.  When we filed the adoption papers, the employees were so happy. T

1 year and 2 months (birthday is April 24)
Tom Tom, Kitten Tommy, Jake
Getting groomed, having belly rubs, going on road trips, giving kissies, playing with his best friends Jaspy and Tiki, and begging for food.
The smell of nail polish, vacuums, and not getting enough attention
Favorite Foods
Ham, Yogurt, and Temptations
Favorite Pastimes
Eating food, being a twisty kitten, and looking at cars and birds out the window

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