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Meet Olivia Grace

The Ragdoll
Teresa Roanoke

Olivia Grace, or Sweet Baby Grace, is a 7 month old  mitted blue sepia Ragdoll. Her fur is soft as silk and never mats and hardly sheds.   She is just a joy and has become my constant companion.  She is the ultimate "floppycat" who loves to be carried around over my shoulder and goes limp when being held.  Also, she loves to lay on her back and curl around with her head meeting her feet!  It's almost like she doesn't have a spine. 

7 months
Sweet Baby Grace, Gracie
Toys, food, playing fetch, catnip mouse
Getting a bath, loud noises, discipline
Favorite Foods
Wellness kitten food, Life's Abundance
Favorite Pastimes
Basking in the sun, playing with the catnip fishing pole

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