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Photo Contest

Meet Luna

The mixed
samantha aptos

my bay girl luna just turneed 2 she is so sweet and loveable i hope you see her face and fall in love with it like i did she would be perfect for this photoshoot because instead of some pure bread like most magizines pick she's a mix and i think that would make people happy i really love my cat and hope she gets this because she's so loveable and has the face of an angel

baby girl,shitty kitty,love bug,baby,cutie pie
attion,cuddleing,playing with hair bands,hunting birds,catnip,her mommy (me),being on the roof
my other cat,baths,being stuck under the blankets,not being able to go outside after 7 pm, not having catnip for more then 2 weeks
Favorite Foods
wellness wet food (the fish kind)
Favorite Pastimes
snuggleing,meeting her for the first time,everything

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