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Meet Jambalaya

The American Shorthair
Alyssa Lubbock, Texas

One day, as I was walking through a mall in Lubbock, Texas, I saw that the pet store had kittens. At first glance, I saw a black kitten, and a bunch of orange striped kittens. I asked to hold the black kitten, but he was getting a bath, so I went back to the window. That's when all of the orange striped kittens moved, and I saw one tiny grey striped kitten. I asked to hold it. The pet store was closing, so I decided to adopt her and took her home in my pocket. Later that night, I named he

Jumble, Jumble Wumble, the Wumbles
towels, twisty-ties, catnip treats
Lucy (our dog)
Favorite Foods
ice cream!
Favorite Pastimes
snuggling, head scratchings, playing fetch

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