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Meet Crazy Eddie and Crystal


My rescue kittehs having fun with catnip bubbles.

Crystal was saved from Hamilton Animal Control. She gave birth to 3 babies on the ride home but sadly, all her babies died as per a virus at the shelter.

Crazy Eddie was saved from a kill shelter and has bonded with Crystal and they are the bestest of friends.

Rescue kittehs rock :)

2 years
Catnip, catnip bubbles, catnip pouches, catnip mice, fresh catnip, dried catnip, catnip cookies, catnip on the ground, catnip in a bowl ...Did I mention catnip?
Not having catnip
Favorite Foods
temptations, catnip laced cookies and catnip.
Favorite Pastimes
Getting high on catnip and knocking everything off the counter and then eating temptations and sleeping.

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