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Meet Tucker

The Black Tabby
Sher Adams Shoemaker Many, Louisiana

I adopted Tucker when he was 2 months old from a rescue org after my black cat Smutt passed away. He is the comedian of the house. He has matching food bowls, he eats his meals off the bar on his stool! I snapped this pic of him after he devoured his evening meal and was into a yawn. He just turned 1 on June 1st. We love our baby!

1 yr old
Prince Tucker, Tucker Boy, Mama's Baby Boy
Vibrating Hedgehog toy, Catnip mouse, Washing machine on spin cycle
Any cat food that has gravy
Favorite Foods
Shrimp and fish feast and cat milk, and treats. He likes a bite of chicken too!
Favorite Pastimes
Hiding behind doors where he can do surprise attacks, Bird watching, and Swatting my 17 yr old kitty Tiffanee on her behind

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