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Meet Colby Jack

The Striped Tabby
Megan Chicago

Colby is a pretty chill little guy. He is very content doing his own thing, but he also loves to get snugly. He spends a lot of time watching birds and squirrels and chattering at them from the window. He has no qualms about letting me know that it's breakfast time with his loud meows and pawing to get me out of bed. Most people who say they don't like cats always end up loving Colby and ask how he's doing. He a great companion and I am very lucky to have him!


12 years old
Colby Cat, Colby J, Kitty Witty
eating, sleeping and chillin'
When I don't get out of bed right away to feed him in the morning.
Favorite Foods
Anything salmon flavor!
Favorite Pastimes
Watching squirrels and birds from the window and getting zoom groomed.

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