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Meet Ember

The Mutt
Myranda and Gregory Akin Grand Forks

She is a dog inside of a cats body! She loves to be in her daddies ABU's, including his boots! She is such a joy, and so fun to watch! I've raised cats before, but this is my husband and mine first "child" and she has more of a personallity than any other cat! She loves shoulders, and having her belly rubbed (unless she's feeling crazy!) She will talk back to you, and tilt her head in the cutest way! She loves playing ninja and hiding in dark corners, waiting to attack w

13 weeks (ish)
Aircat Ember Akin
Tuna, back rubs, your feet, daddies uniform
Being alone, water
Favorite Foods
Tuna chewy snacks, and has an addiction to catnip treats!
Favorite Pastimes
Deciding to wake mommy up by laying on her face

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