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Meet JenniMurr

The Domestic LongHair Calico
Aledra Wells Middletown
JenniMurr is a rescue kitten. A neighborhood momma cat had one little kitten on my backporch in my Daughter 'Jennifers ' playhouse. I adopted and rescued her after Momma Cat brought a baby possum for her kitty baby, possibly for her to eat..lol... JenniMurr was very young still.when I brought her in to her forever home, Momma Cat turned and looked at me and I never saw her again. I named my Kitten JenniMurr because when ever I called for my Daughter " Jennifer" the kitten came to me...thus is wh
6 years
Temptation milk flavored snacks and fresh catnip
an empty lap
Favorite Foods
chicken and cheese
Favorite Pastimes
laying in a rainbow cast from a crystal myan calender ...I call it getting her rainbow on.

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