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Meet Oscar

The Domestic short hair
Andy & Chris Jacques Arizona City

We found Oscar in a box at a truck stop in Maryland. He and several of his siblings had been left there, so hubby picked the scrawniest saddest looking little one he could see. Since we were in a semi ourselves and space is at a premium. Oscar spent the first year of his life travelling the U.S. and delighting truck drivers everywhere. He loved sleeping on the dash in the sun or draping himself across the steering wheel. Today he spends his day's lounging on our chest freezer staring out

8 yrs old
Oz, Ozzy, Moose, Puff a lump
Sunny windows, cool surfaces, any where his poppa is and playing in his water dish.
an empty water bowl :(
Favorite Foods
Meow mix Indoor formula and Friskey's canned cat food
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, getting petted, sleeping, hanging with his poppa

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