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Meet Ka Buki`

The mid hair black and white domestic(pound rescue when 1 month old)
Ja Somers Wilmington(on the beach)

Independent, socially interactive with all, even dogs.   Loves getting love and loves giving it.

I think he maybe bi-polar though  LOL     sleeping one minute racing up and down stairway the next.  Maybe getting his cardio in?

He has his quirks as we all do but I wouldn`t want him any other way.  And congats,  he will be getting a sibling this week from the rescue pound.  Maybe it will liven him up a bit.

But thats

sun bathing, naps, squrriel watching and sleeping in his/my bed
noise, blujays, reality tv shows, low quality food
Favorite Foods
chicken/turkey w/ gravy flakes, anything I`m eating
Favorite Pastimes
roaming, making sure home is secure(or loking for escapes)

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