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Meet Mooshu

The Ragdoll
Julie Lesser Westlake Village, CA

Mooshu is my Seal Mitted Ragdoll boy – Born 9/20/2010

He is the love of my life!! I got him from mom & dad as a birthday present just a few Months before we had to put my Saint Bernard, Dreyfie, to sleep…It’s never easy losing a best friend…but Mooshu’s constant antics & curiosity & trouble seeking sure kept me busy!!

How he got his name:

1.5 years
The Moosh, Moose, Puppy, Bunny, Bun-Bun, No-No
Giving kisses, butt rubs, Freeze Dried Chicken treats, knocking things over, taking my straw out of my iced latte & carrying it around like a bone, and ice cubes!
He's a Ragdoll...even if he did not like something...he would never let you know
Favorite Foods
Pro-Plan & Fancy Feast wet.
Favorite Pastimes
Grasping my face with his paws & chomping on my nose, sitting w/me on "our" chair on the patio, sitting on my head at 4am, chasing loose change around the wood floors after he steals it off the counter, hiding & then jumping out at me and flopping over.

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