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Meet Winston

The Ocicat
Jackie Leung Brooklyn, NY

Winston is our very first pet here in our home, our very first child as we say. Then two years later, we got him a Shiba-Inu sister and then two years later a German Shepherd brother. Wins just loves to play with them. He makes sure also that he's in charge of them and not the other way around even though they are bigger than him.

Ever since we've gotten him, he's been such a sweetheart. Wins just loves getting his picture taken. He would sometimes give me different poses

boxes, strings, taunting his dog siblings to chase him, curling up on Mom's pillow, kneading Daddy's chest, loves attention,
loud noises, ignoring him, uncleaned litter box
Favorite Foods
Orijen 6Fish, Stella & Chewy's Freeze dried chicken patties, boiled breast chicken, turkey
Favorite Pastimes
curling up with Mom on the couch, "tanning" at a sunny window sill, getting into empty boxes, meowing for attention when ignored

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