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Meet Seemi

The Not Sure
April Howland Peoria AZ

Seemi came to us as a feral kitty of only 5 months old. He lived on the front patio for weeks hissing and growling everytime we walked by until one day he brushed up against my leg. It was love and he became part of our fur family. Today, 8 years later,  he has 2 dog brothers that he loves to torment and will let people touch him on his terms only. He is a FANTASTIC kitty cat and I am lucky that he picked our patio to camp out on. 

Seemers, Cute-kitty
To torment his dog brothers & Belly rubs
Loud noises and strangers
Favorite Foods
Tuna and dog food!
Favorite Pastimes
Lounging on the loft landing in the sun, swiping you through the stairs as you walk by, eating treats.

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