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Meet Sookie

The Siamese cross
Kevin Risk and Regan Macaulay Toronto

Sookie was rescued from the Toronto Humane Society when she was still a kitten and things just haven't been the same since!  She wishes her brother, Frodo, would play with her more often, but he's a curmudgeony old man.  She plays with her doggie sister, Raxl, instead (whose picture is on the moderndog website).  Sookie knows she's the sexiest kitty since ever and looks forward to being recognized on a larger scale by appearing on a magazine cover (paws crossed)!

The Sookie Monster, Sexy Lady
Food, shadows, food, shiny things, food.
Food that is not for her and people who call her fat.
Favorite Foods
She's fussy, as she only likes her Royal Canin dry food and Hills T/D.
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing shadows and shiny things, eating, letting the dog chew her ears, eating, rolling around on the carpet, and eating.

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