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Meet Buddy

The dsh
Roberta Kerr Warsaw NY

Buddy was in the SPCA from 10 mos. until he was 4 years old.  He was so abused in his young life that he was known as the "bad boy" of the shelter. Buddy chose me when I came in to adopt. He could never be held or cuddled without screaming and fighting to get away.  I told him "You don't need to be held or cuddled to be loved." This began a 4 month cool relationship.  One night I had chest pains and couldn't make it to the kitchen for my

8 years old
Beans, Beaner, Buddybeans, love of my life
catnip, snuggling, playing
the Pomeranians, certain people
Favorite Foods
any dry or canned food
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, playing looking out the window

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