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Meet Pepper, Loki, and Stormy

The Domestic shorthair tabbies
Danielle Buffa Canaan

These 3 babies are the newest additions to our family after tragedy struck and we lost 3 of our kitties in the course of 4 months (one of which was a 6 month old kitten). We were feeling lost and heartbroken, our home silent and empty. Even sadder our remaining kitten Pep Pep (the largest gray tabby) was wandering aimless looking for his brother who had passed away. To fill our home (and hearts) again we made the decision to adopt some new kitties and give them a good home. We chose kittens s

4 months
Pep, Pep Pep, Pepperonie, Lok a Poke, Beast, Little Monster, and Stormy Warmy
cuddling, eating, looking out the windows and attacking bugs through the screen, water, chasing each other, boxes, playing with their jingly mice, their tweeting ball toy, and their fish on a string, as well as pouncing on and tearing apart papers
Not being allowed outside, being cuddled when they just want to play, and not being allowed to eat whatever they want (like people food)
Favorite Foods
Anything edible!
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping and eating and frolicking

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