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Meet Hunter

The Marbled Tabby
Victoria Rak @ Tuff photo Toledo Ohio

I am a rescue and I am thankful! The people I lived with could not afford to feed my mom and my 4 siblings so they fed us Oatmeal and Pork Rinds.  It was OK with me for sure, I guess it was not healthy though. Well the people called Humane Ohio which is a non profit organization that helps kittens like me! We were taken by some really nice people and they gave us real kitten food! We had medicine and I had an operation they say (neuter). I say that I am glad that is over!!

I move

7 Months
honey Badger, Kitty, KEE KEE
Loving, being held, playing, EATING
Dogs ;)
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Eating and napping

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