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Meet P.S.

The Main Coon
Ashley Hamilton, Ontario

Princess Sparkle (or P.S. as her minions call her) showed up on our doorstep a pregnant mess and decided to make herself at home. Now a healthy and perfectly groomed indoor kitty she spends her days sunning herself and reading classic literature and happily ruling over her Kingdom of two dogs and a fellow cat. The Moral of the story? Careful what you name the cats you take in and plan to re-home, you may end up keeping them and having a cat named after a plastic horse in a 2003 teen tv drama.

A lady never tells
P.S., Anya
Lying in the sun on freshly washed blankets.
Anyone touching her tail. No seriously, don't do it.
Favorite Foods
Popcorn and chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
Striking fear into the hearts of all the other animals in the house to keep them in line

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