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Meet Ariel

The Domestic Longhair
Andrea Workman Yorba Linda, CA

We adopted Ariel to be a friend to Aurora, a cat we had adopted previously who turned into a little furry hellspawn at about 12 weeks.  My husband had in mind that he really wanted a long haired tabby, so we specifically asked the adoption agency to look for a kitten like that.  They originally showed us Ariel's sister Pipsqueak who lived up to her name as being scrawny and sickly looking.  Ariel wasn't much better, but we adopted her anyway.  She was supposed to h

FooFoo, Furby, Tuna
Glittery pompoms, freeze dried salmon, leftover cereal milk, bananas
Strangers, baths, sudden movements, loud noises
Favorite Foods
Anything canned, tuna juice, freeze dried salmon
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, dashing outside, grooming her cat housemat Bond, steering clear of Aurora

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