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Meet Oliver

The Orange Tabby
Amanda Sudbury Ontario

Oliver was a cat we rescued in minus 40 weather. We fell in love instantely. Despite being frost bit to his ears, paws and tail, we managed to save everything but one ear. (As you can see in the picture)

He is such a caring, gentle, sweet cat. We tend to call him a DAT because he has a similar persona to dogs. He greats us at the dog, has conversations with us, always wants to be the center of attention. 

He is best freind with our dog Cooper. 

Oliver is by f

Age in unknown but is anywhere from 5 to 6.
Olly, Meowers
all my elastics, visitors
being left alone, car rides
Favorite Foods
Fish. Oliver goes crazy for any type of fish.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, playing with Cooper

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