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Meet Spaz

The Domestic shorthair
Patricia Bugg Middleburg, Ohio

Spaz was born July 4, 2010... He is a domestic shorthair and small for his age...he has been neutered ... he loves to go on our short nature walks around our property..he has a favorite blanket that he still rubs his face and kneads dough on when he gets sleepy...He squeaks instead of a full blown meow..he loves to have his photo taken and he loves to antagonize our dogs to get them to chase him

Spaz, Spazzer
his fuzzy blanket, string cheese, garlic bread, catching mice, getting attention
wearing his collar, getting wet
Favorite Foods
string cheese, Kit n Kaboodle cat food, garlic bread, frosted flakes cereal
Favorite Pastimes
hanging out, attacking someone for string cheese

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