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Meet Fin

The Peterbald
Amy Cross Portland originally, now Coloma Michigan

Fin is a quirky, confident, loving Peterbald. He happens to have an acceptable recessive gene that causes him to have a coat instead of being bald and his a pattern of tiny dots in his coat. He is also lucky to be alive - half his litter passed from tainted food in a pet food recall, but he made it. Fin insists on jumping up and riding on my shoulder. I can't even bend over to take off my shoes without him hopping up. He is very outgoing and friendly with all visitors - he is not the type

Fin-tini, Teeners
all food, baseball caps, darting into places he shouldn't go :)
not being the center of attention
Favorite Foods
Nurto, salmon, pasta, guacamole
Favorite Pastimes
riding around on shoulders, wrestling with his brothers, aspiring to be a greyhound

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