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Meet Squirt

The Coon?
Grace Solivan East Windsor, CT

Squirt was a rescue that was meant to be with my family as a foster. . . but he wasn't having that plan. He was a cuddle junky from the start and just poured on the love at all times.  Being the runt of his litter he took to suckling on my fingers and hands to soothe himself - and when you cuddle and pet him nowadays he still (at three years old) suckles on his own arm. :)  He has me wrapped around his lil paw.  He may be a big boy now, but still loves being mama's lil

3 years
cuddles, more cuddles, cuddling on the couch, cuddling after dinner
Any food with coloring, any non cuddle activities, velcro
Favorite Foods
Kibble that has cranberry, most any food that involves the word "pate"
Favorite Pastimes
Straddling couch arm when not cuddling.

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