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Meet Arbuckle

The Bengal
Kara StJonn Albuquerque

Hello. My name is Arbuckle. I'm the baby of the family. I am not very smart but I am very cute and soft. My fur glitters in the sunlight and I'm quite a floppy, snuggly little boy cat. 

I need a lot of attention and reassurance or I tend to be whiny. I am quite close to my Raja cat and am often calling out to him for playtime. I like lots and lots of petting and cuddling.

Bucky, Buckster, Arbie, Arbie cakes, Tinkle, Tinklemeyer, Baby
boxes, bags, shredding paper, being the baby
when Humans clean up
Favorite Foods
anything. Seriously. But especially like the diet macaroni and cheese from Trader Joe's.
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, whining, confusion, calling for Raja to come play with me

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