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Meet Sturgis

The Domestic short haired
Amanda Nichols joshua

He is a grayish blue tabby colored cat. My son found him orphaned at 3 weeks old. We bottle fed him and have hand raised him. He has the sweetest personality and acts just like a dog.  He gives kisses, headbuts, and listens so well. He is well groomed and trained. He is the child I can't have. He is the biggest joy and is full of so much love! This is a picture of him sleeping with one of his favorite toys.

1 year
Sturglious,sturgy, baby prince
balls, wands, the dish scrubber, to sleep on the fridge, and enjoys being outside with the dogs on his leash. His best friend is his pittbull mix Hannah
bathes due to almost dying when he was sick and the blow dryer is not his friend. He alos is not a fan of people food
Favorite Foods
Friskies wet and dry food
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping on mommas bed, playing with the dogs, playing with his toys, going for walks, and eating

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