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Meet Coconut

The Siamese mix
Kristen Corral Las Vegas, NV

We rescued Coco off the streets as a kitten. She was covered head to toe in fleas and was bleeding all over from the bites. She has thrived in our house with our two older male cats and 2 Chihuahuas. She is incredibly intelligent and spends most of her free time picking on her brothers! She also enjoys chasing hair rubberbands and will even pull one off of your wrist! Sometimes she has a bit of a googly or cross eye which only adds to her character :)

apx. 7 months
hair ties, ikea hanging lamps, sneak attacks, FOOD
cuddling, sharing food
Favorite Foods
Royal Canin dry food and anything she can steal off the table
Favorite Pastimes
picking on her brothers (feline & canine)

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