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Meet Hydro

The Egyptian Mau Tabby cross
Allan Comeau Grande Prairie, Alberta

Hydro was adopted at a few months old and became the "Watch Cat" and "Customer Relations Expert" (greeter) at our indoor hydroponics store. It was only after he got the name, Hydro, that it was discovered that he absolutely LOVES and adores water. One of his favourite places to hang out in the store is amongst the plants, as his picture shows!

He now has a new baby brother, Ponix! Please pop by and give him a vote, too!


1 year
Kid, SkiddlyWiddlyPiddlyPotPie
Water, Cat Grass, Snuggling, Eating
Going outside, car rides
Favorite Foods
Dry cat food, and cans of Fancy Feast chicken or beef dinners
Favorite Pastimes
Greeting store visitors, chasing lasers, helping to water plants, play fighting with Ponix

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