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Meet Hilo Watanabe

The Japanese Bobtail
Stephanie C Nichols Seattle, WA

Japanese Bobtails (JBT) are said to bring good luck to their owners in Japanese folklore. Hilo is an odd-eyed (one blue eye, one golden eye) JBT which is especially auspicious. He plays hard and also loves attention and affection. He is part of pair - Mia is the other JBT in the household and they are soulmates. Hilo and Mia truly bring double fortune and happiness to our lives. Our house would not be a home without them.

2 1/2
Watanabe-san, Bad Boy.
Mia (his Japanese Bobtail girlfriend)
Being ignored.
Favorite Foods
Anything with tuna, freeze dried chicken treats.
Favorite Pastimes
Causing mischief and mayhem all night long. Much to the dismay of my people.

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