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Meet Kitten

The DSH (Gray and White)
Hayley Blank Georgina, ON

What can I say about Kitten? She is the most incredible, strongest, most highly intelligent cat that I have ever had the honour of knowing. Miss Kitten is the first born kitten from the feral colony I've been rescuing, taming, and finding homes for since 2007. Kitten wandered down the street to my house when she was about 9 months old, she was so tiny that she looked much younger. I recall the first "official" time I saw her cute little face was when she was sitting in my bird f

Pretty green eyes, Kitten-Mitten, Lovely Love, Miss Kitten
Cuddling on the bed, being with her son and soulmate, playing with toys, looking out the window at night, sleeping on her favorite cat beds, staring at people, meowing, jumping from high places to other higher places, sun tanning, grooming herself.
It's hard to say what Kitten dislikes in some people but you can always tell when she is unimpressed by someone, she will give you her best "Kitten stare" :)
Favorite Foods
Scrambled eggs and pork chops with melted gouda cheese, Blue Buffalo dry cat food, Friskies "Turkey & Cheese Dinner in Gravy, Shredded", and warm milk!
Favorite Pastimes
Snuggling up with Benny, her son, and Speckie, her soulmate. Playing with catnip toys!

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