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Meet Karma and Dash

The Domestic short hairs
Jennifer Parsons Bryant's Cove

We adopted Karma almost 8 years ago from the SPCA.  She was 3 at the time and weighed in at a hefty 13lbs.  Was love at first sight!  She immediately attached herself to me.  Doesn't matter if I'm sat on the couch or going into my bedroom to sleep.  If it's possible for her to curl up near me she's by my side within 5 mins. She now weighs 15lbs but still acts like a kitten despite her weight and age chasing balls and toy mice.  Dash we've only

Karma (10) Dash (1)
Fat Cat and Klepto
Karma: Treats, belly rubs, long grooming sessions and warm blankets. Dash: chasing things, high places and his boy Cameron
Other cats, dogs, bath time, getting nails clipped and the water gun.
Favorite Foods
Chicken and ice cream
Favorite Pastimes
Karma: Climbing up onto her owners computer desk for chin scratches and belly rubs. Dash: Stealing anything not nailed down and playing chase and hide and see with his boy Cameron

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