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Meet Beckham

The DLH (Black and White)
Hayley Blank Georgina, ON

My little Becki-Boo comes from a long line of beautiful, smart, stunning feral cats that I have been feeding and rescuing since Spring of 2007. Becki is not the first nor the last to be rescued from the streets from this family line. Beckham's beautiful mom Zefrina gave birth to him and his four siblings in mid September of 2009. I remember the first time that she brough her lovely babies to meet me, Becki was about a month old and just a fuzzy ball of fluffy fur who enjoyed playing in th

Becki, Becki-Boo, Beck, Beckers, Bex, Bexter
Being petted, playing with other kitties, sun tanning, eating, running around the house, playing with his catnip toys, and sleeping on his blue bed he was given for Christmas.
Cats that do not get along with him.
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo cat food, Friskies can food, Temptations cat treats, cheese and cooked hamburger, chicken, and turkey.
Favorite Pastimes
Spending time with his favorite kitties, doggies and humans!

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