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Meet Pax

The Cornish Rex
Whitney E. Rogers Saint Louis Park, MN

Pax is a fabulous Cornish Rex Girl.  Bred from Corn Bred Cattery, Saint Louis Park, MN.  She loves her human-mom, kitty brother, and everybody she meets.  Skilled, agile, silly, loving, she is the most entertaining whilst playing and the cuddliest when she knows it is needed.  Pax is a real charmer.

13 months
Puhhhh-cat, and Pacao
Hunting bugs, being cozy, catnip, boxes, baths & cuddling
Fans, bugs she can't catch & when her brother is misbehaving
Favorite Foods
Tuna, anything cheesy or catnip flavored...she once tried some avocado and liked it!
Favorite Pastimes
Playing fetch and talking to the squirrels outside

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