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Meet Dante

The DLH (White with Gray spots and patches!)
Hayley Blank Georgina, ON

Meet Dante! Dante is a beautiful, fluffy snow-white cat with lots of gray patches and one unique purrfect gray "spot" on his back. Dante first started coming to my house in 2004, he used to sit in the corner of our front yard next to the bulrushes all day long and at night he would disappear, but in the morning he would be sitting there again. He always looked like he was waiting for something. One day we decided to leave him a can of cat food when we were feeding two of our feral c

Playing with his Kitty-Hoot cat toys, rolling in catnip, eating, curling up with his two feline and one canine "adopted" siblings, grooming other animals, and sleeping on his favorite Kitty-Hoot purple bed!
When other animals do not want to be groomed by him (Dante will literally chase another animal until they surrender themselves to him, so that he can groom them!). Mealtime being late!
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo dry food, Friskies can food, Friskies Temptations, crackers, cheese, yogurt, and pasta!
Favorite Pastimes
Grooming himself in the sunlight. Playing with his favorite toys, especially the laser cat toy! Hanging out with his kitty-friends! Being petted and brushed for hours and hours!

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