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Meet Spyder

The Domestic Shorthair
Iris Madderom Langley

Spyder gives the best cuddles, puts up with his little sister using him as a water bed, has love handles (but isn't embarassed by them), has helped keep me sane through my late teens through now to my mid twenties, loves to jump on the counter but would never think to steal food from someone's plate, has an itchy spot right under his chin that he loves scratched, snores and drools a little in his sleep, likes to spoon, lets me dress him up on certain occasions (his Christmas photo is

Spydercat, Homie G, Muffincakes
naps, sitting on top of the fridge, cheese, cuddles
the vet, his diet program, people who don't like to lavish him with affection a
Favorite Foods
Vet approved Urinary Tract support food (not really, since his UTI this spring that's all he's getting), and cheese.
Favorite Pastimes
chasing his "sister" around the house, waking all the inhabitants of the house up at 3 AM as it must be breakfast time NOW.

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