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Meet Egon

Amber Cornwall

Egon became part of my life the day he was born, in a box in my bathroom, to a wayward stray. I guess I helped make him the incredibly loving, affectionate, squishy cat he is, since even before he had eyes he was being handled, and he spent his tiny-kitten days crawling all over me, licking my hair and face, nibbling my nose and chin. Egon is 10 pounds of robust cobby tomcat who enjoys cuddling all night, demands kissies before being picked up, and hams it up for the camera. Egon tweets- neve

Egghead, Eegs, Smartycat
Cuddles, feather toys, thing-on-a-strings
Bathtime, the laser pointer, crunchy food
Favorite Foods
Anything with chicken, and cheese-flavoured things
Favorite Pastimes
Sunning, leaping, sleeping

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