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Meet Carlos

The orange tabby
Sheena Prince George

This is my kitten meow Carlos :) he is my baby, my king. and i love him to peices i got him from someone who couldnt take care of him when he was a kitten. I love all cats but i have a special place for orange tabbys. This cat is ever so cuddly and playful and he really lets you know when he wants his food. his best friend is my small pappillon/pomeranian dog. they can play all day. His favorite play this is my rug. :) VOTE FOR MY KITTY this is a pic of my silly kitty lol hopw you enjoy

3 months
Kitten Meow
my rug and my dog
my BF lol
Favorite Foods
Whiskas and temptations cat treats and CATNIP!
Favorite Pastimes
annoying my dog

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