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Meet Hunter

The American Bobtail
Amanda Olszewski Macomb, Michigan

Hunter is the most loving cat you will ever meet. I call him my snuggle buddy because he loves to snuggle and have his belly rubbed. He never breaks any rules and always listens to his momma. He has the cutest squeek of a voice and has the prettiest green eyes. He always lifts my spirits when needed and is my best friend.  He has been my little angel that has saved me.  He was born on the day my father passed and he has eased my greiving more then you can ever imagine.

Boo Boo Hunter, Snuggle Buddy, My Little Chucky Monkey
Loves Tuna in the Can, Loves to Cuddle and Loves his Belly Rubbed
Doesn't like the vacuum!!
Favorite Foods
Tuna from the Can, Honey Deli Turkey and sipping a little of his momma skim milk from the glass.
Favorite Pastimes
Likes watching the Birds sitting on my lap on the front porch and taking naps snuggled up to his momma.

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