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Meet Nala

The Siamese Mix
Heather Los Angeles

Nala, hails from the south western tip of the African Island of Madagascar.  She comes from royalty, in her tribe she is known as Princess Nala. 

Don't let her bloodline and beauty bamboozle you into thinking that she is like a typical Hollywood starlet who flaunt their weath, fame and privledge.  Nala is a generous, sweet, considerate, and down to earth kitty that just loves to snuggle and show her tomboyish ways.



2 Months
Climbing up humans, Licking human eyeballs, talking (this includes local gossip), and getting her weekly pedi.
The word No and teenage boys with acne.
Favorite Foods
Anything and everything, this includes, shoes, socks, and anything in her path.
Favorite Pastimes
Antagonizing older brother, Praciticing her Houdini Skills (she's an escape artist),and reading romance novels.

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