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Meet Haley Buttons

The Bengal/Tabby Mix
Laura and Ralph Belcher Halfmoon,NY

We adopted Haley on Januray 13, 2012.  My husband and I found her at the HOPE Rescue Foundation here in NY.  Haley is very smart, frisky and loveable. She give lots of kisses, loves to play with our dogs and "help" with anything she can around the house. You never know where to expect her next or what she will do next. She really keeps us on our toes.  We couldn't be happier that Haley is part of our family. She will always have a loving forever home with us. In t

11 monthes
Haley Buttons & Little Ms. Pretty Girl
Licking our faces, Playing with the dogs, Window watching, Playing in water, and Climbing to the highest spots in our house
Being told No...
Favorite Foods
Friskies Kitty Treats, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Pasta
Favorite Pastimes
Taking Showers with me, playing with our dogs Jasper and Moose and Running Relays through our home

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