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Meet Mr. Miyagi

The Himalayan
Eva & Ian Goicochea Los Angeles

Mr. Miyagi may be a dapper dude, but we first laid eyes on him looking sad in a city animal shelter. Many years later, he is a happy cat who takes pleasure in leisurely naps, defiantly sitting at the other end of the table while we eat dinner and who puts himself to bed every night with his head on the pillow like a person. 

Snuggling, sitting in the sun, hanging out with people.
He likes everything. Nothing phases this guy.
Favorite Foods
(Stealing) plain spaghetti, salmon, (stealing) dog food.
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds out the window, grooming his sister Olive (black Persian cat), putting his nose up to your nose (could be a dog, human, cat—he loves everyone)

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