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Meet Sheniqua

The Reverse calico
Ally Sprow Delta, OH
Sheniqua, Nicki for short, was just a peanut when we got her a year after the fatal car accident my father was in. Nicki completed our family. After a year of my mother sleeping alone without my father, Nicki was suddenly there to steal her pillow & purr until Mom let her under the covers to snuggle. We may have rescued Nicki from garage-cat life, but Nicki certainly rescued us as well.
Nicki, DJ Nicki Beatz, Beatzie Beatz
Attention, “bossing” her humans around, sitting on us in awkward places making it difficult to move
Being a strictly indoor cat, her little brother, being ignored
Favorite Foods
Table-scraps of meat, Friskies, 9 Lives
Favorite Pastimes
Napping in the sun, nudging our books & phones out of our hands so we pet her, cuddling, “making biscuits,” stealing pillows

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