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Meet Moose

The Maine Coon
Samantha Downs E. Freetown
Moose is a 22 pound Maine Coon with catitude! He may look intimidating, but he's a big baby. He loves attention, but it's on his terms. He is very strong-willed, and extremely stubborn at times. I think he thinks that he's smarter than us! He definitely does not like being told NO! Especially if it's when he wants to go outside (he only goes out if we're there to supervise). We often say that our house is Moose's house, he just lets us live there! But that's OK with us :)
3yr 10mo
Curling up in a new box from Amazon Prime, snacking on his cat nip plant, playing string, staring down the sink drain (not sure what he thinks is down there!), laying on the paper when you're trying to read it, and helping mumma make the bed
When his food bowl is empty, when he's begging for attention and you don't pick him up, and sometimes he dislikes his little fur-brother.
Favorite Foods
Bread and bacon (Only when no one is watching)
Favorite Pastimes
Long naps in the sun, talking to birds, playing in dirt (bad boy!), laying by the pool

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