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Meet Meredith

The American Long Hair
Shanan Monroeville, AL
Beautiful kitty we adopted from the local animal shelter. Has a love for water, especially enjoys lounging in the tub. The more I love her, the more love bites she gives! Has quite the personality and does not want to miss out on anything her owners might be doing. So, no shut doors or she will bang until you open it.
3 yrs Old
Mer Mer & Kiki
Fresh Faucet Water, Lounging, Chasing Straws, Biting
Being Brushed, Being locked out of the bathroom or any room, closet cabinets doors, having to climb or jump without being assisted
Favorite Foods
Sensitive Stomach Dry Food
Favorite Pastimes
Drinking water from the tub faucet, waiting for me to get out of the shower so she can get in, biting

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